JLPT 【N1 Grammar】 〜がてら|while~at the same time

JLPT N1 grammar がてら gateragrammar

JLPT N1 grammar がてら gatera

「while~at the same time」




◉ while~at the same time
◉ It means that while doing an action, you are also doing another action at the same time
◉ It is usually used for verbs or nouns with a “movement” nature. Like “散歩”, “出張”, “買い物”


Sentence Patterns

◉ Noun+がてら
◉ Verb(ます form)+がてら


Related Sentence

◉ かたがた
◉ ついでに
◉ をねて

JLPT N1 grammar がてら gatera

Example Sentences
Sanpogatera, yūbinkyoku ni mo yotte kimashita
While I took a walk, I stopped by the post office。

Kaimonogatera, hanabi mo miniikimashita
While shopping, I went to see the fireworks。

Undōgatera, kaimono ni mo ikimashita
While going for exercise, I went shopping by the way。

Shutchōgatera, kyōtokankō ni mo ittekimashita
While going on a business trip, I stopped by for sightseeing in Kyoto

Musuko o mukae ni ikigatera, rāmen o tabe ni itte kuru
After picking up my son, we will go to eat ramen

Karada no kyūyōgatera, onsen ni ikimashita
while resting my body, I went to a hot spring


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