JLPT 【N3 grammar】 一方だ(ippouda)|continue to~

JLPT N3 grammar 一方 ippouda onomatopoeia

JLPT N3 grammar 一方 ippouda

一方だ(ippou da)
「continue to~」「more and more~」



◉ continue to~
◉ more and more~
◉ It’s getting (worse)〜
◉ Indicates that the situation has moved in one direction without stopping。
◉ Mostly used for negative meaning。
◉ another meaning of 「一方」:on the other hand


Sentence Pattern

◉ Verb (dict. form)+一方だ


Related sentence pattern

◉ Synonymous:〜ばかりだ

JLPT N3 grammar 一方 ippouda


Example Sentences
① おとうさんが病気びょうき体力たいりょくわるくなる一方いっぽうだ。
Dad’s physical strength is getting worse because of his illness。

② インフレの影響えいきょうで、会社かいしゃ売上うりあげ一方いっぽうです!
Due to inflation, the company’s revenue is getting less and less。

It’s the school’s responsibility that children’s learning ability has been declining recently

④ コロナで仕事しごとがなく、貯金ちょきん一方いっぽうで生活が苦しいです。
Because of the COVID-19, there is no work, and savings have been declining. Life is so hard。

I have been scolded by the president recently, and have been under a lot of pressure。

⑥ おとうさんの借金しゃっきんふくららむ一方いっぽうだ!
Father’s debts are getting increasing