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JLPT【N1 Grammar】〜を皮切りに(wo kawakirini)

JLPT N1 grammar を皮切りに wokawakirini

「starting with..」


◉ 「starting with..」「begin with..
◉ According to “some time” or “some event” or “some Location” etc. as the beginning, and then the same or similar events appeared one after another.


Sentence Patterns
◉ Noun+を皮切かわきりに
◉ Verb+のを皮切かわきりに


Relative Sentences
◉ ~をきっかけに
◉ 〜を機に
◉ 〜を契機に

JLPT N1 grammar を皮切りに wokawakirini

Example Sentences
Amuro namie no konsāto wa Tōkyō o kawagiri ni, zenkoku o junkai suru yoteidesu.
Amuro Namie’s concert will start in Tokyo and is scheduled to tour the country.


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