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JLPT【N3 Grammar】 〜につれ/につれて|as..



◉ 「as..」「in proportion to..」「with..」
◉ Both the “ます form” and “て form” of the verb indicate that the following will be connected to the “next action or sentence“.
◉ It means “the former has changed for some reason..” and “the result of the latter will also change“.


Sentence Patterns
◉ Verb(dict. form)+につれ/につれて
◉ Noun+につれ/につれて


Relative Sentences
◉ ~にともなって/にともな
◉ ~ととも
◉ ~によって/による
Example Sentences
Nenrei ga kasanaru ni tsure,-gao no shiwa ga dondon fuete kita.
With the increase of age, the wrinkles on the face increase.


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