JLPT【N4 Grammar】 〜とか〜とか|and..and so on

JLPT N4 grammar とか toka meaninggrammar

JLPT N4 grammar とか toka meaning

「and..and so on」



◉ 「and..and so on」「..or..」
◉ List several meanings among many similar examples.


Sentence Patterns

◉ Noun+とか..
◉ Verb dict. form+とか..
◉ い-adj+とか..
◉ な-adj root+とか..


Relative Sentences

~やら~やら:and..and so on.

JLPT N4 grammar とか toka meaning

Example Sentences
When moving, it will cost a lot of expenses such as deposits or agency fees.

② このスーパーはくるまとかバイクとか販売はんばいしています。
This supermarket also sells cars or motorcycles and so on.

③ これはおいしいとかまずいとか問題もんだいではない,だれつくったかだ。
This is not a question of whether it is delicious or not, but it depends on who made it.

Soy sauce or salt are indispensable for cooking.

He reads and watches movies to pass the time on holidays.

When I was a student, I spent my time doing part-time jobs and club activities.


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