JLPT【N2 Grammar】 〜とはいうものの|Although..

JLPT N2 grammar とはいうものの towaiumononoonomatopoeia

JLPT N2 grammar とはいうものの towaiumonono




◉ 「Although..」
◉ It means “Although people say so..“, but “it is not like what they say“.
◉ Usually it also means “the common sense in the world is so”, but this is obviously different from common sense.


Sentence Patterns

◉ Verb(normal form)+とはいうものの
◉ い-adj(normal form)+とはいうものの
◉ な-adj+(だ)+とはいうものの
◉ Noun+(だ)+とはいうものの


Relative Sentences

◉ ~けど
◉ ~しかし
◉ ~とはいっても

JLPT N2 grammar とはいうものの towaiumonono

Example Sentences
Tomodachi wa kon’nan no toki ni tasukete kureru to wa iu mono no, chīsai koto de teki ni naru koto datte aru.
Although it is said that friends will help us when we are in difficulties, they may also become enemies because of trivial matters.

JLPT N2 grammar とはいうものの towaiumonono

Fūfu no ma de ichiban jūyōna no wa `shin’yō’da to wa iu mono no, ikkai uso o tsuitara mō shin’yō dekinai.
Although the most important thing between a couple is to “believe”, as long as you tell a lie once, you can no longer be believed.

JLPT N2 grammar とはいうものの

Renshū sureba umaku naru to wa iu mono no, watashi ga ikura renshū shite mo umaku naranakatta.
Everyone says that as long as I practice, I will improve, but no matter how I practice, I have not improved.

JLPT N2 grammar とはいうものの

④ 「うんてんまかせる」とはいうものの自分じぶんひらく「うん」もあるのだ。
`Unwoten’nimakaseru’ to wa iu mono no, jibun de kirihiraku `un’ mo aru noda.
Although people say “to obey the destiny,” but there is also some luck that depends on one’s own creation.

N2 grammar とはいうものの

⑤ ついさっき昼食ちゅうしょくべたばっかりとはいうものの、またおなかいてしまった。
Tsui sakki chūshoku o tabeta bakkari to wa iu mono no, mata onakagasuite shimatta.
Although I just finished my lunch, I am hungry again.

N2 grammar とはいうものの

Agemono wa oishī to wa iu mono no, tabe sugiruto kenkō ni wa waruidesu.
Although fried food is delicious, but eating too much is not good for your health.


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