JLPT【N1 Grammar】 とはいえ (towaie)|although..

JLPT N1 grammar とはいえ towaie grammar

JLPT N1 grammar とはいえ towaie




◉ although..
◉ nonetheless
◉ though..
◉ be that as it may…


Sentence Patterns

◉ Verb(normal form)+とはいえ
◉ い-adj(normal form)+とはいえ
◉ な-adj(root)+(だ)とはいえ
◉ Noun+(だ)とはいえ


Relative Sentences

◉ ~と言っても
◉ ~と言うものの

JLPT N1 grammar とはいえ towaie

Example Sentences
Sotsugyō shita to wa ie, mō isshō aenai wakede wanai.
Although we have graduated, it not mean that we can’t see each other anymore.

Jibun de katta ie to wa ie, maitsuki rōn o harawanakereba naranai.
Even if I bought this house myself, I have to pay the loan every month.

③ まだ未成年みせいねんとはいえ、やってはならないことだってある。
Mada miseinen to wa ie, yatte wa naranai koto datte aruo.
Although you are a minor, there are things you can’t do.

Karada ga mada genki to wa ie, mō toshidakara, yappari ki o tsuketa hō ga ī yo.
Although the body is still very healthy, after all, you are old now, you still need to take care of your body.

Hitori de sabishī to wa ie, kekkon shinaito ikenai koto wanai.
Although I’m lonely when I’m alone, but it doesn’t mean that I have to get married.

⑥ いくらラーメンがきだとはいえ毎日まいにちべてるときちゃうよ。
Ikura rāmen ga sukida to wa ie, mainichi tabe teru to aki chau yo.
No matter how much you like ramen, you will get bored if you eat it everyday.