JLPT【N2 Grammar】 〜をきっかけに/がきっかけで|as a start..

JLPT N2 grammar をきっかけに がきっかけで kikkake onomatopoeia

JLPT N2 grammar をきっかけに がきっかけで kikkake

「as a start..」



◉ 「as a start..」「as a result of..」「aking advantage of~
◉ It can also be translated into ‘because of…’
◉ “AをきっかけにB” or “AがきっかけでB” The narrative starts with A, then B occurs, and A and B may be different events.
◉ “を皮切りに” looks similar, but “Aを皮切りに Both A and B of “B” have events of the same nature.
◉ Synonymous with “を機に” and “を契機に“.


Sentence Patterns

◉ Noun+をきっかけに/がきっかけで
◉ Verb+のをきっかけに/のがきっかけで
◉ Verb+ことをきっかけに/ことがきっかけで

The other usages:
◉ Noun+をきっかけにして/をきっかけとして/がきっかけになって
◉ Verb+のをきっかけにして/のをきっかけとして/のがきっかけになって
◉ Verb+ことをきっかけにして/ことをきっかけとして/ことがきっかけになって

The difference:
◉ “AをきっかけにB” means that the subject uses A as a start to do B.
◉ “AがきっかけでB” means that the subject is A, and A is also a start, and then B will happen next.


Relative Sentences

◉ 〜を機に
◉ 〜を契機に

JLPT N2 grammar をきっかけに がきっかけで kikkake

Example Sentences
Konkai no tero ga kikkake to shite sensō ga okita.
As a result of the terrorist attack, this war happened.

② この会社かいしゃはいったのがきっかけでつまった。
Kono kaisha ni haitta no ga kikkake de tsuma to shiriatta.
I met my wife because of I joined this company.

③ あのひとのピアノ動画どうがたのをきっかけに、ピアノをならはじめた。
Ano hito no piano dōga o mita no o kikkake ni, piano o narai hajimeta.
After watching that person’s piano video, I started learning the piano.

④ パソコンをったのをきっかけとして、ブログをはじめた。
Pasokon o katta no o kikkake to shite, burogu o kaki hajimeta.
Taking advantage of buying the computer, I began writing blogs.

Kōkoku o mita no ga kikkake ni natte, kono shōhin o kaimashita.
Seeing the advertisement is an opportunity for me to buy this product.

Rikon shita no o kikkake ni, kaisha o tsukurimashita.
Taking the divorce as an opportunity, I established the company.