JLPT【N2 Grammar】 て済む/で済む|sufficient by

JLPT N2 grammar て済む で済む tesumu onomatopoeia
「sufficient by」



◉ 「sufficient by」「resolve by~」
◉ It might have paid a higher price, but for some reason, it can be done without paying a high price.


Sentence Patterns

◉ Verb(て form)+
◉ Noun+で+
◉ い-adj(て form)+


Relative Sentences

Example Sentences
① レストランのクーポンをってるので、今日きょう食事しょくじやす
Resutoran no kūpon o motterunode, kyō no shokuji wa yasukute sumu.
Because there are discount coupons for restaurants, today’s meals can be solved cheaply.

② これはおかねはら問題もんだいではない。
Kore wa okane o haratte sumu mondaide wanai.
This is not a problem that can be solved by paying the money.

Ima no jidaide wa, kaimono wa zenbu netto de sumimasu yo.
In this era, shopping can be solved by using the Internet.

④ おかねりるなら、電話一本でんわいっぽんよ。
Okane o karirunara, denwaippon de sumu yo.
If you want to borrow money, all you need is a phone call.

Jitensha o katte kara, tsūgaku jikan wa 10-bu de sunda.
Since I bought a bicycle, it only takes ten minutes to go to school.

Mudana mono o saki ni shobun shitakara, hikkoshi no nimotsu wa sukunakute sunda.
The useless items have been processed first, and the moving luggage can be done with just a little bit.