JLPT【N5 Grammar】 〜てください|Please do…

JLPT N5 grammar てください tekudasai meaning onomatopoeia

JLPT N5 grammar てください tekudasai meaning

〜てください (te kudasai)
「Please do…」



◉ 「Please do…」
◉ It is used when requesting, instructing, ordering someone to do something.
◉ “てください” seems to be a honorific, but in fact it is not a honorific. At best, it is a kind of polite way of saying, because it also has the feeling of urging others to act, so depending on the object or timing of use, “てください” is also possible It will become a rude statement.
◉ For elders or bosses, you can use “お/ご~ください” or “~て頂けますか?” to express politeness.


Sentence Patterns

◉ Verb て form+ください
◉ Verb(Negative)ないで+ください


Relative Patterns

JLPT N5 grammar てください tekudasai meaning

Example Sentences
Nihongo o oshietekudasai.
Please teach me Japanese.

Shizukani shite kudasai.
Please be quiet.

Yasai o tabete kudasai.
Please eat vegetables.

Jugyō-chū, oshaberi shinaide kudasai.
Please do not chat during class.

⑤ こちらにすわてください
Kochira ni suwatte kudasaī.
Please sit here.

Tobira o shimete kudasai.
Please close the door.